About You

First, a word about why you're here. You're probably here because you need help with your website.  I like to help people. I'm just kind of wired that way, so let me help you.

Here are three thoughts to start:

  • Having a nice website shouldn't require you to learn a programming language or take out a loan.
  • The "build a free website" services are limited and disappointing.
  • Running a business today means you must have a successful web presence.

Has this been your experience? Do you wish you could talk to a human that would simply listen and provide you with the answers to your questions? Well, that's me. Let's talk.

About Me

I have over ten years of experience with web application design and development. By day I work in Research and Development for one of the nation's best pediatric hospitals. By night, I freelance helping people like you.

I'm a musician, audio engineer, and generally curious tinkerer. I like to take things apart and put them back together. I like to fix broken things, whether it's hardware or software.